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How much does a high end price range English italki tutor charge (Feb 2023)?

Salut! English is considered to be the langua franca for much of the world. Many people want to learn English for various reasons. The most pertinent reasons being increasing business options and growth (career or personal) opportunities. So I was wondering, how much does an hour long lesson of English

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One language deck to rule them all

Cześć! So I’ve been using a spaced repetition system (SRS) app to help organise the new words or phrases I encountered. I’ve been resistant to the idea because the big hit polyglots seem to say immersion is the way to go. Which I agree. However, they probably never

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Because I you no less

Encouragement Be kind to yourself. If you missed a day in studying languages, or ate that cookie while on your diet, or just too tired to do laundry that day, it is ok. The world will continue on. Just pick it up the next day. You've got this.