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How much does a high end price range English italki tutor charge (Feb 2023)?

Vincent Tan
4 min read
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Salut! English is considered to be the langua franca for much of the world. Many people want to learn English for various reasons. The most pertinent reasons being increasing business options and growth (career or personal) opportunities.

So I was wondering, how much does an hour long lesson of English cost on average? I headed down to italki where I take my languages lessons and did some investigation.

Here are my criteria:

  • The price filter was set on the higher end. Because the lower end of the price range is not as interesting.
  • There must be at least 3 lessons booked with the tutor during the next 7 days. This is to ensure that there are actually students taking lessons from this tutor.
  • If the tutor teaches multiple languages, and it is unclear that the lessons booked during those 7 days are English lessons, then the tutor is excluded for consideration. I judge this based on the most recent feedback on the tutor’s profile page (to get a sense of recency), and the number of English lessons the tutor has taught thus far.
  • As far as possible, general English or conversation English lesson types are used for comparison. This is to keep consideration factors consistent for all tutors.

The price filter was set at USD 70 to 80. What this means is if a tutor has any lessons priced within 70 to 80 dollars, the tutor will show up in the search results. It doesn’t mean the normal lesson price is at least 70 dollars.

With the above conditions, I have found, in no particular order, 27 such English tutors on the italki platform (circa February 2023).

They are, with their hourly rates:

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