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Because I you no less

Vincent Tan
1 min read


Be kind to yourself. If you missed a day in studying languages, or ate that cookie while on your diet, or just too tired to do laundry that day, it is ok. The world will continue on. Just pick it up the next day.

You've got this.


What I learnt this week:


Мясо как подошва
which means “meat like shoe sole”, as in tough.

Пусть пропахли руки дождем и бензином
which means “even though your hands are smelling with rain and gas”. It’s from a song and I’m too absentminded and forgot to take down the song name.


I’m learning the lyrics to a song and discussing them with my tutor. This was the last line in the chorus:
Bo ja cię nie mniej

My tutor said it translates literally to “because I you no less”. And it didn’t make sense to him because there’s no verb. I suggested that since it’s a love song, perhaps the missing verb is “love” or “like”. As in “Because I love you no less”.


I learnt that “para” is paired with verbs and pronouns. Por ejemplo, para mi y para jugar.

Differentiating “para” and “por” is still a work in progress…


il pagliaccio è inquietante
The clown is creepy.

Enough said.


I learnt that I’ve been pronouncing the Greek alphabet all wrong. And I have a maths degree and I used to use those fancy alphas and gammas.

Gamma is pronounced with a throat Y (almost like the French and German R) and not a hard G.

Delta is pronounced like thelta. Lambda is pronounced like lambtha.

And beta is pronounced as vita.


My tutor gave me a challenging sentence.

Jag har inte pengarna just nu. Du får dem så småningom.
I don’t have the money right now, you'll get them eventually.


I suspect my French tutor is also a poet…

Le village à côté de la montagne dans la campagne proche de la mer et des arbres
The village next to the mountain in the countryside close to the sea and the trees


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